• Breakfast

  • Breakfast Biscuits, $6

    Take your pick from a savory with ham and cheese or a sweet with fresh cheese and a daily jam. It's a real win-win.

  • Buttermilk Biscuits, $3

    Baked fresh every morning with real buttermilk.

  • Teacakes, $5

    Assorted varieties

  • Crumb Coffee Cake, $5

    The classic you crave. Dip it and eat it.

  • Granola, $7

    Our house recipe of everyone's favorite healthy start to the day.


  • Gramercy, $10

    roast turkey, goat cheddar, peppadews, aioli

  • Northside, $10

    prosciutto, fig jam, fresh mozzarella

  • Greenpoint, $10

    pickled beet, fresh chevre, arugula

  • Ridgewood, $10

    parma cotto, gruyere, roasted tomatoes, dijon spread

  • Crown Heights, $10

    hummus, harissa mayo, herb chevre, seasonal pickled vegetables

  • Arthur Ave, $10

    mortadella, comte, spicy tapenade, dijon

  • Sandwiches

  • Chelsea, $10

    chandoka cheddar, branston pickle, pickled onions

  • Hell's Kitchen, $10

    sopressata, peppadew spread, pepperoncini

  • Sandwich of the Day, $9

    It's the haley's comet of sandwiches.

  • Grilled Cheese, $7

    check the board for today's selection


  • Rotating Assortment, $16/LB.

    A rotating assortment of deliciousness to dip things into or spread on stuff

  • Guess Who's Back
Guess Who's Back

2013 has been a big year for us at the BCS! For starters, we celebrated the 1 year anniversary of our Manhattan location. Gramercy, a quaint nook located just blocks from the Union Square Green Market, has been such a welcoming neighborhood to us. We opened our doors and wheels to our neighbors and friends to celebrate our paper anniversary. Prizes and goodies were auctioned off to support the Daphne Zeppo’s cheese scholarship program and our friends at Allswell provided some stellar nosh to accompany the cheese, wine and Brooklyn Brewery spirits that were flowin’. Thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate the first of many milestones for our baby brother, Bedford.


The Fancy Food show rolled into our neck of the woods and made being an over eating food-snob encouraged and accepted for three sweet days. Friends and fellow food enthusiasts stopped by to share in the good word of cheese. Essex St. Cheese CO. rolled through with a star studded cheese panel and hosted a cheese class by producers for patrons. Bridges being built between consumers and producers is always a beautiful sight to see. The Cheesemonger Invitational followed giving us cheese enthusiasts a venue to curd out in. It’s a guaranteed good time and this year our very own, Kris Garrand placed in the top 10. Congrats to Justin Trosclair of the St. James Cheese Shop for taking home the gold and for being a part of the party that is, CMI.


Now that the dust has settled and we are in the calm clammy heat-wave after the storm, we are ecstatic to announce a revival of the Bedford Cheese Shop blog. Make sure to check back here daily for captivating rants from us to you about our favorite fermented foods and for information about new products, classes and events happening at the shop. Our cheesemongers are on board to deliver diverse and interesting posts catering to the food lovers in us all. And remember to follow us on FacebookTwitterInstagram AND Vine for live updates on all things cheese.

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