• Breakfast

  • Breakfast Biscuits, $6

    Take your pick from a savory with ham and cheese or a sweet with fresh cheese and a daily jam. It's a real win-win.

  • Buttermilk Biscuits, $3

    Baked fresh every morning with real buttermilk.

  • Teacakes, $5

    Assorted varieties

  • Crumb Coffee Cake, $5

    The classic you crave. Dip it and eat it.

  • Granola, $7

    Our house recipe of everyone's favorite healthy start to the day.


  • Gramercy, $10

    roast turkey, goat cheddar, peppadews, aioli

  • Northside, $10

    prosciutto, fig jam, fresh mozzarella

  • Greenpoint, $10

    pickled beet, fresh chevre, arugula

  • Ridgewood, $10

    parma cotto, gruyere, roasted tomatoes, dijon spread

  • Crown Heights, $10

    hummus, harissa mayo, herb chevre, seasonal pickled vegetables

  • Arthur Ave, $10

    mortadella, comte, spicy tapenade, dijon

  • Sandwiches

  • Chelsea, $10

    chandoka cheddar, branston pickle, pickled onions

  • Hell's Kitchen, $10

    sopressata, peppadew spread, pepperoncini

  • Sandwich of the Day, $9

    It's the haley's comet of sandwiches.

  • Grilled Cheese, $7

    check the board for today's selection


  • Rotating Assortment, $16/LB.

    A rotating assortment of deliciousness to dip things into or spread on stuff


All online orders need to be placed by 10pm on Sunday, December 21st to ensure delivery by Christmas.
Orders will not be shipped between Dec. 23rd and 29th.

Bedford Cheese Shop

The Shepherd's Lunch


Bedford Cheese Shop

The Shepherd's Lunch


Let us sweep you away to a field in the midi-Pyrenees with this rustic picnic style selection of cheese and accoutrement.  We fill one of our bucolic tote bags with two sizeable portions of cheese, a pot of pickles, a jar of mustard, two dry sausages, a chocolate bar, some candy and some crackers.  Our mongers will make sure to choose cheeses at their perfect ripeness to ensure pairing perfection.  Now close your eyes and imagine… a sheep sleeping next to you.

What's inside my gift?

  • a Bedford Cheese Shop tote bag

  • two 1/3 pound wedges of cheese

  • two aged salamis

  • a bar of chocolate

  • a sweet treat

  • a box of crackers

  • a small jar of pickles

  • a jar of mustard