As the temperature drops and your stress level increases due to the impending holiday madness, self-medication may be on your horizon. Before you dive into that metal tin of holiday butter cookies you brought over to Aunt Ethel’s last year, which she then re-gifted to your confused 7 year old on his birthday, try this on for size—baked brie. This spin on an old classic is guaranteed to hit the spot and make you feel oh so good about being oh so bad. It’s simple: grab a big ol’ slice of our favorite, Brie Jouvence Fermier, a tantalizing thermalized milk from La Boissiere-Ecole, France, place on a parchment paper covered pan, pop it into the oven at 350 & you’ll have your oozy holiday cure-all in 5-7 minutes. The best part about this remedy? Total customization. Drizzle honey on top before baking for a kiss of sweetness, sop up with your favorite bread & pair with seasonal preserves, smear on Bartlett pears & Honey Crisp apples or, my method of choice, grab a spoon and get after it. Want to impress your friends and family this year with your skills in the kitchen? Grab the personal pan pizza of the brie world, Coulommiers and share the decadence with the whole crew. We suggest Rodolphe Meunier’s (an esteemed French affienur from France) Coulommiers. These miniature wheels are perfect for sharing and are the ideal centerpiece for any holiday meal.


Happy Holidays!

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