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Hello friends!  Here at BCS, we love beer.  And not just drinking it in large quantities.  We take the time to appreciate the beauty behind its history and the subtle flavors we find dancing on our palates.  In preparation for the launch of our second zine, which focuses on the Allgau Alps of Bavaria and Austria, the team got together in the Homestead for a tasting of seven brews from this region.  Kris Garrand, our in-house beer guru, walked us through these delicious, distinct beers.  Kris began the tasting with the Lammsbrau Organic Pilsner and ended it with the bold, malty yet fruity, Celebrator Ayinger.  The zine hits our stores’ “stands” on March 23 (yes, there will be a party and yes you’re invited!) so pick one up at the store or the launch party to learn more about the dazzling beers and cheeses from this lush mountain region.  


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