This past Sunday, we were graced with the presence of Peter Dixon of Parish Hill Creamery for one of our first Meet the Maker sessions, which will be happening at our Irving Place location every Sunday.  He was joined by his wife and co-cheesemaker Rachel, and Benton Brown, the man behind Crown Finish cheese caves in Crown Heights.  Parish Hill Creamery is situated in an oasis of farmland also known as Westminster West, Vermont.  Peter Dixon has been making cheese for 30 years.  Parish Hill gets their milk from the Elm Lea Farm at the Putney School, which is located a short five miles away from their cheesemaking facility.  The herd at Elm Lea Farm grazes on pasture and the result is aromatic, high-quality milk.  Parish Hill imports traditional calf rennet from Europe and uses Maine sea salt produced by the Maine Sea Salt Company.  All of Parish Hill's Cheeses will be aged and distributed from Crown Finish caves in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.  Crown Finish started when Benton Brown and his wife Susan Boyle discovered a network of tunnels in one of their buildings, which used to be the home of Nassau Brewery.  Benton decided to use the long-forgotten storage space space for cheese production.  Shortly after he began renovating the space and consulting with leading affineurs in the industry, including the great Herve Mons.  He even traveled to France to study with the Mons brothers.  Benton approached Peter and Rachel Dixon after learning of their new venture in producing cheeses.  After seeing the caves, Peter and Benton began their partnership.  

Peter and the lovely Rachel brought a few of their cheeses to share with us.  Stop by our Manhattan location to taste them! Currently, we have Suffolk Punch, Kashar, and Humble Herdsman.  Suffolk Punch is a beautiful, gourd-shaped cheese made with whole milk.  It is a traditional Caciocavallo-style cheese made by stretching lactic fermented curd in hot water.  It is aged for at least two months and rubbed with olive oil.  The result is a semi-firm cheese with a tangy, peppery, and buttery flavor.  Kashar is a Balkan-style gem made in basket molds.  A delicious fruity and buttery cheese.  Humble Herdsman is aged about four months and washed with a local hard cider.  The result is fudgy in texture with a delicate and peanut-buttery flavor.  Thanks Parish Hill Creamery for stopping by!  

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