Here at Bedford, we've got some awesome collaborations going on with restaurants and bars in both Manhattan and Brooklyn.  Last week I met our awesome Director of Wholesale, Cara, at Miles in Bushwick.  Named after a beloved four-legged friend (whose stoic portrait hangs behind the bar), this cozy, comfortable establishment serves up some exciting beers, cocktails, cheese plates, and grilled cheeses. Owners Daniel Romero and Travis Dubreuil have lived in Bushwick for a long time and opened Miles a little over two years ago.  Their well-curated menu focuses on quality and supporting great and local businesses.  


One of the many marvelous things about Miles are their special-washed cheeses.  When Eric--our cave master--and Cara approached Miles about serving up some custom washed rinds, they wanted to feature Barrier beer.  Conveniently located in Oceanside, NY, Miles loves Barrier because “we've never had a beer from them we didn't like.” said Daniel, “with over 50 beers, they always have  something new, but they are approachable beers that appeal to everyone.”  Cara and I sat at the bar enjoying taleggio washed in Barrier’s Belgian Red Ale.  The taleggio was washed at least every other day for about 7 weeks.  Other washed gems will be making their way across the river to the bar at Miles.  Currently Eric is washing Fleur d’Anuis and Morn Dew in their house shot, which is whisky and zucca (rhubarb) amaro. Stop by Miles!  It’s located on Wilson Avenue.  


(Miles' special washed taleggio alongside a Barrier Brew)

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