To round out a week full of new flavors, the BCS exclusive grab n’ go lunch bowls are available at both stores. Chef Marisa Gibson and her team have crafted unbeatable new options to carry all of us through the sleet and freezing rain. The bright Ginger Lime Vermicelli Bowl is the ideal fresh and crunchy lunch - bean thread noodles tossed in acidic and tangy dressing with julienned kohlrabi, cucumber and fennel sticks topped with crunch peanuts and fresh herbs. the BCS Signature Chicken Caesar Salad sets a new standard for the lunchtime classic with challah croutons, baby romaine, Senat Farms chicken breast, and a creamy dressing with just enough anchovy. The Tuscan Kale and White Bean Bowl with Rosemary Vinaigrette offers a rustic and flavorful escape from the grit and grime of city life. The times might be dark, but lunch needn’t be.

Last weekend, over the course of three decadent days, we watched (and tasted) the 2017 Winter Cheesemonger Invitational (CMI) unfold. Hosted at Public Works in San Francisco, this bi-annual and bi-coastal event celebrates the cheesemonger above all else.

With support and love from the whole cheese and dairy global community, cheesemongers from across the country (and, for the second time ever, abroad!) compete to be the best in the business at what they do every day: sell cheese.

The competition is fierce. The bacteria multiply. Mongers try and try again to cut perfect quarter pounds.  BCS owner and monger Charlotte Kamin, along with our General Manager Holly Kenna, were on the scene and shared an inside look at the showdown. And don’t worry, it all happens again in June in Long Island City.

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