Most things feel like a battle in the United States these days, but next weekend brings annual celebration of 'merican competition: the Superbowl. Many tune in to watch the drama unfold: will the northern Patriots take it home? Or will the southern Falcons steal the show? Others take a more strategic approach and arrive just in time for the likely scandalous or provocative half time show. And then there is Puppy Bowl.

Regardless, here at the Bedford Cheese Shop we've got everything you need to win at viewing parties. Our full menu of regular catering options is available, but if imported cheese and wispy slices of Prosciutto de Parma just doesn't cut it, we've got a set of house made Game Day specials that'll keep everyone's attention for the whole day.

Here's a sneak preview of what's on the docket:


At both stores all weekend long. Packed out for you to take home. Warm, spicy, hearty chili made by BCS Chef Marisa Gibson. Don't think twice.

Bread bowls.

We already know you love Peppaspread. We think you'll like a Peppaspread Bread Bowl even better. Or bring some color to the spread with an Herb Dip Bread Bowl. Stay tuned for details on a third.

Nacho cheese.

Yep, we're going there. Trust us. It's as good as the Spicy Cheese Whip. 

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