The dog days of summer are upon us – and we're not complaining that the heat seems to be easing up. Stop by for a tasting at 265 Bedford Avenue this week. We're introducing you to our gose offerings - a German style of beer brewed with salt and often coriander. And then keeping it classic with a Sauvignon Blanc from Touraine, the latest edition to our wine bar offerings!

As always, our tastings are free and run from 5pm-6pm!

Tuesday, August 8 - Gose, Gueze, and all things Sour

Sour beers, often enriched with fruit extracts and juices ranging from cucumber lime to raspberry, are about all we want to drink by the time August rolls around. The German gose, or gueze, style is one iteration on sour beers, often brewed with salt and coriander. The sodium chloride and toasty spices introduce a roundness of flavor and mouthfeel, building this light summer beer into a complex and irresistible treat.

We’ll be tasting the Geyser Gose, a collaboration between Evil Twin Brewing and Two Roads Brewery. The beer masters throw Icelandic kelp and sea salt in the mix for a wild ride. Try it alongside our fav domestic goat’s milk cheeses.

Wednesday. August 9 - White Wine + Italian Cheese

We're loving our summertime white wine from the Loire Valley. This minerally white is crisp and round and will transport you straight to la campagne. Owned and operated by a team in central France, the Sauvignon Blanc grapes that produce these glorious bottles of Touraine grow in flinty soil. The result is a fruity and smooth white wine – crisp enough to keep us on our toes.


And check out this traditional gose bottle!

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