Every week on the BCS blog, we feature one of our mongers with a product they love.

This week, our Assistant General Manager Tyler Frankenberg is in the hot seat.

Gruyere is still produced by small farmers who work together in cooperatives to produce the massive wheels aged to perfection. Gruyere Alpage is one of many particular versions of the cheese - just one wheel of this stuff is made a day. "I love Gruyere Alpage because it teaches us so much about the seasonality of farmstead cheesemaking!  It's only produced during the summer when snowmelt at the highest altitudes exposes some especially nutrient-rich grasses for a few precious months.  In a practice known as transhumance, herdsmen move their cows up the mountain to graze on these lush pastures and make 70+ pound wheels of Gruyere daily in mountaintop chalets constructed for the purpose.  

Taste this bad boy alongside a 6 month Gruyere or Gruyere 1655, and you'll see how the summer grazing imparts some really fabulous notes of fresh grass and pineapple on top of the nuttiness you already know and love!" 

Pick up a half-pound and let it shine on your cheese plate. Or grab a jar of strong mustard, crusty bread and a few slices of ham to whip up a dreamy sandwich.

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