Every week on the blog, we feature a BCS monger with a product they love.
This week, Jessica Smith is in the hot seat.

At BCS, we like chocolate almost as much as we like cheese. There is something cacao based packed into every corner of both shops. The selection might not be quite as extensive, but the choice is never easy. Jessica loves the 73 1/2 % Madgascar bar from Nathan Miller in Chambersburg, PA (and not just because of the packaging). "The 73 1/2% bar has great fruity notes and depth of flavor," she noted.

As we speed towards February 14th, you can never go wrong with a bar of chocolate, whether it's a last minute gift or celebration of your independence. If you love cheese and chocolate as much as we do, sign up for our exclusive Cheese and Chocolate class co-taught with experts from Cacao Prieto of Red Hook, Brooklyn. 

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