Our revamped class schedule includes events tailored to teach you about food and drinks you haven't yet experienced.

We now offer two fresh cheese making classes; one centered around mozzarella and the old Italian traditions, the other focused on the more complex method of making burrata. If you've never tasted cheese when it is fresh-made and still warm and buttery, then you are in for a treat. Our expert cheesemonger Zoey will guide you through the process, and you'll get to leave with some curd to continue practicing at home. 

In addition, we also offer more specific beverage classes. We have a class specific to bourbon and one specific to scotch so you'll leave each one with a full understanding of what makes them different from other drinks in the more broad "whiskey" classification. We will also be hosting more country and region specific wine classes in the upcoming months. Keep an eye out for guest brewers, distillers, and beer reps joining us so you can learn from the pros. 

Our classes will now be on Wednesdays and Fridays for your convenience! Join us for our next class, Tequila and Cheese, on May 4th. If you would like more information or to buy a ticket, look under our classes section on our website or talk to a monger at the store!

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