A sweet and stinky treat from our friends at Meadow Creek Dairy in Galax Virginia. We love this all American, Taleggio inspired, raw cow's milk dream that is a seasonal wonder, reflecting the happy cow's who graze out on the damp, green pastures. Made exclusively in the summer months, when the big bellied beasts are munching away in the warm sun, Grayson holds all the rich and buttery goodness of these blissed out bovine. Slightly gooey, with a seductively supple texture, Grayson is a tad stinky, with waves of butterscotch and wild clover. Towards the fall months, the cheese gets a bit beefier and denser. We love the taste of summer, and we love the taste of Grayson. Pair with a light IPA or a chocolaty stout.


meadow creek

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