The Fishmonger
The Fishmonger The Fishmonger

Have you ever seen our fish wall? Man, we're so proud of that thing. We search high and low for some of the best tinned fish in the world, and no where can this be better evidenced than in our Fishmonger basket. Whether you're off camping in the woods or preparing your go-bag for the post-apocalyptic world, this selection of preserved fish will keep you going along the journey. In a wicker basket, you'll find:

  • 4 types of selected tinned fish (think cockles, salmon, get the idea)
  • A slab of smoked salmon
  • A can of sardines
  • A loaf of Black Rooster Baltic Rye
  • A jar of mustard
  • Cornichons
  • Mixed fruits and nuts
  • A box of crackers

**Please note, we ship Monday-Thursday. All orders take up to 24 hours to process before shipment. 

**Please include a date and time for pick up or orders going by courier in the 'Gift Notes' section in your cart.