• Breakfast

  • Buttermilk Biscuits, $3

    Baked fresh every morning with real buttermilk.

  • Fritatta Sandwich, $7

    Daily selection of veggie egg sandwich with melted cheese on sliced pullman bread

  • Homemade cookies and brownies, $2

    Lemon Ricotta Cookies to Chocolate Chip with Malden Sea Salt, we make all these and more.

  • Assorted Breakfast Pastries, $4

    From our favorite French Bakery. Croissants, Danish and more.

  • Homemade Brownies and Nutella Blondies, $2

    From Belgian chocolate brownies, to Nutella Nut Blondies,

  • Lemon Ricotta Cake, $3

    Homemade with fresh lemon curd and ricotta.


  • Ridgewood, $10

    gruyere, parma cotto, roasted tomatoes, homemade dijonaise

  • Crown Heights, $10

    herb chevre, homemade hummus, harissa mayo, seasonal house-made pickled vegetables

  • Hell's Kitchen, $10

    homemade peppaspread, sopressata, pepperoncini

  • Arthur Ave., $10

    smoked mozzarella, pepperoni, house-made tomato sauce, roasted tomato

  • Bedford Ave Grilled Cheese, $7

    Bedford Cheese Shop's signature blend of cheeses and spices

  • Gramercy, $10

    goat cheddar, roast turkey, peppadews, homemade aioli

  • Chelsea, $10

    chandoka cheddar, branston pickle, pickled onions

  • Northside, $10

    fresh mozzarella, prosciutto, fig jam

  • LES, $11

    alpha tolman, sugar cured ham, sauerkraut, homemade rémoulade

  • Sandwiches

  • Sandwich of the Day, $9

    It's the haley's comet of sandwiches. Check the board for the daily special.

  • Daily Grilled Cheese, $7

    Daily changing selection.


  • Rotating Assortment, $16/LB.

    A rotating assortment of deliciousness to dip things into or spread on stuff


Hosting an event and want to impress your guests? Let the Bedford Cheese Shop do the hard part for you.

From composed platters that can be delivered to your door, to having a monger come to your home and craft a culinary landscape of our best offerings, you can't go wrong. Whether it's a special birthday, business meeting, private tasting, or just a night in, the Bedford Cheese Shop will customize any order to your invidual desires.

Farmstead Cheese Platter

Although our cheese offerings are too many to list here, you can rest assured that the platter our cheesemongers prepare for your event will feature some of the finest cheeses in the world. Whether it’s an English farmhouse cheddar, a handmade American tomme or a washed rind wedge from Italy, each cheese will be hand-selected on the basis of seasonality, quality and ripeness. Of course, each platter will offer a variety of complimentary cheeses, as well as a selection of dried fruits, nuts and crackers. A cheese platter from Bedford Cheese Shop is bound to wow your guests. View it in the shop.

Small Platter (10-15 people) $90  |  Large Platter (20-30 people) $130


Regional Selection Cheese Platters

Selected with the same attention and care as our Farmstead platter, the Regional Selection allows you to choose between Italy, France, Spain or the States, for a focused culinary journey through your chosen land. 

Italian Regional Platter

Italy is famous for cheeses which are salty, sharp, flaky, and peppery. This platter includes some of the finest cheeses from several regions of Italy. View it in the shop.

Small Platter (10-15 people) $100  |  Large Platter (20-30 people) $130

French Regional Platter

Perhaps the most revered nation in the world of cheese, France offers one of the widest varieties of cheese, from savory nutty sheep’s milk tommes, to decadent silky bries, and salty, intense blues. View it in the shop.

Small Platter (10-15 people) $100  |  Large Platter (20-30 people) $130

Spanish Regional Platter

Spain is a land of celebration and rich cultural traditions, and of course cheese is an integral part of that. Often times dense, peppery, and rich, the cheese of Spain is as varied as their lifestyle. Let’s party. View it in the shop.

Small Platter (10-15 people) $100  |  Large Platter (20-30 people) $130

UK Regional Platter

In the UK, pressed curd cheeses, such as earthy grassy farmhouse cheddars, reign supreme. In addition, cheeses of all types can be found throughout the British Isles. View it in the shop.

Small Platter (10-15 people) $100  |  Large Platter (20-30 people) $130

American Regional Platter

One of the world’s newest and most exciting artisan cheese cultures can be found right here in the USA. The US boasts almost any cheese type you could ask for- soft and stinky, to luscious and buttery. Be a part of history and celebrate with YOUR cheese. View it in the shop.

Small Platter (10-15 people) $100  |  Large Platter (20-30 people) $130

Antipasto Platter

This platter is an assortment of cured and cooked meats, olives, roasted tomatoes, peppadews, marinated artichoke hearts, and fresh mozzarella. View it in the shop.

Small Platter (10-15 people) $85  |  Large Platter (20-30 people) $115

Charcuterie Platter

Satisfy your craving for succulent meats, such as a delicate Pate, salty Salame, sweet Prosciutto, and all the necessary accoutrement. View it in the shop

Small Platter (10-15 people) $85  |  Large Platter (20-30 people) $115

Cheese & Charcuterie Platter

Why have to choose? Get it all on one platter. Our Cheese & Charcuterie platter has three of our favorite cheeses and two of our tastiest cured meats to satisfy all of your crowds cravings. Ask about making it a region specific platter with Spanish or Italian meats and cheeses. View it in the shop

Small Platter (10-15 people) $90  |  Large Platter (20-30 people) $130

Biscuit & Jam Platter

Warm, fluffy, homemade biscuits and all the fixings bring you back to the best days of your childhood. Treat your party to sweet buttery goodness. (Disclaimer:48 hours notice is required for this platter) View it in the shop

Small Platter (8-10 people) $75  |  Large Platter (15-20 people) $100

Smoked Fish Platter

Ahoy! Enjoy the classic combo of smoked fishes and a fresh baguette. Includes everything you need for smokey, creamy, goodness.View it in the shop

Small Platter (8-10 people) $75  |  Large Platter (15-20 people) $110

Spreads & Breads Platter

A fine sampling of our best in-house made dips and spreads, ready to be smeared on crispy, fluffy baguettes. View it in the shop

 Small Platter (8-10 people) $60  |  Large Platter (15-20 people) $110

Sandwich Platter

Try a platter of our signature sandwiches made with the finest meats, cheeses, and homemade ingredients. All sandwiches come on fresh baguettes. View it in the shop

Small: 18 mini sandwiches $70  

Large: 27 mini sandwiches $100



Private Events


The Bedford Cheese Shop welcomes you to enter The Homestead – our special events and education center. Whether you wish to host an intimate get together for friends with wine and cheese pairings or invite your family to take a private class, we look forward to creating a memorable event for you and your guests. Able to seat up to 25 people, and with a price point of approximately $50 a head, The Homestead is an intimate setting in which our knowledgeable cheesemongers are present to both assist and educate your party. Some examples of past events include:

  • a 30-minute Cheese 101 class followed by a bountiful array of snacks, fondue, and wine pairings
  • a customized catering spread and free use of The Homestead, including cheeses, charcuterie, and an antipasto selection
  • use of the space for birthday parties, film presentations and meetings with provided small bites
  • a private class of your choosing (for example: Cheese Making Basics, Whiskey and Cheese Pairings, Cheeses of the British Isles, etc.)

We are also able to do off-site private events and classes. Allow us to bring our cheeses to you for any occasion! Please allow for 72-hour notice for any cancellations. For more information, pricing, and inquiries, please e-mail thehomestead@bedfordcheeseshop.com