Our Story


Bedford Cheese Shop first opened its doors in 2003 on Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It was founded by Jason Scherr and Jason Jeffries with the intention of bringing good cheese to their neighborhood. In 2012, Bedford Cheese Shop opened a second shop in the Gramercy Park neighborhood in Manhattan, NY.

We now operate solely out of Gramercy Park. We continue to aspire to be the proverbial bridge between makers of cheese, charcuterie and specialty foods and our customers and community, near and far. We value the old world traditions of mongering. Every day, our cheesemongers impart not only their knowledge of cheese making, care and ripening, but also the unique stories behind the history, origins and nuances of the cheeses. The delicate balance of art and science. We hope to see you in the Shop soon!


We founded Bedford Cheese Shop with the mission of purveying our hand selected cheeses, meats, specialty items and house-made foods to our community near and far. Further, we endeavor to share our passion and knowledge of these foods in a way that creates a fun, memorable and educational experience for our customers. All the while, we work shoulder to shoulder with our colleagues in an environment where we value hard work, respect, integrity and laughter!

Our Team


Christina Earle & Samantha Fantauzzi

We are proprietors of Bedford Cheese Shop, running day-to-day operations on behalf of our fellow co-owners.  Just like cheese & crackers, rock & roll and peanut butter & jelly - some things are just better together!  Together, we work hard to foster an environment that allows our Team to develop and expand their knowledge and skills as cheesemongers.  All of us at Bedford Cheese Shop are passionate about the amazing cheeses, charcuterie and unique pantry items that we select for the Shop.  We are even more passionate about sharing these items with our Customers, both new and longstanding.  We figure - if we are doing it right - spreading our knowledge and enthusiasm ultimately allows us to support the many talented small-batch, farmstead and handmade producers from lands local, domestic and and international.  More than ever, we understand first-hand how every single Customer interaction creates a positive ripple effect in a small business like ours that works with fellow small businesses.  It's this ripple effect that inspires us each and every day!  PS - we also LOVE to laugh.  A lot.


Zoey Sachs

Meet Zoey Sachs, Cheesemonger and Director of Education. Hailing from Brooklyn, Zoey has been working in the cheese industry for more than ten years. Whether you find her behind the cheese case, or teaching “Cheese 101: How to Become a Curd Nerd”, Zoey balances her deep knowledge and experience with her quick wit and dry humor creating a memorable experience for every customer, be they cheese novices or affeciantos! Zoey loves offering customers the chance to explore, and expand, their flavor preferences by guiding them through tasting delicious standbys as well as unique and seasonal selections. Her current obsession is anything from Lazy Lady Farm in Vermont. A highlight for Zoey was competing in the elite Cheesemonger Invitational (which solidified her cheesemonger status)! Fun Fact: Zoey’s most unusual pairing suggestion - potato chips, truffle mousse and a small French chèvre, washed down with a sip of Bourbon..yes Bourbon!


Danilo Benavidez

In 2009 Danilo embarked on a mission to become a butcher, however the cheese world had other plans. During his first days on the job, a head cheese buyer noticed Danilo's interest in "the curds" and decided to develop his knowledge and palate. It was love at first bite! Within a year Danilo learned about the history of many cheeses, including their terrier, milks and production. Discussing about his years, hands deep in curds, one of his favorite cheesemonger job aspects is working with customers; teasing out what they enjoy and how adventurous they are willing to be and from there, pulling together an exciting assortment of options, and if asked about pairings he offers two unique suggestions; Montenebro and pickled blackberries with a lovely Malbec or Parmigiano Reggiano with pickled watermelon rinds and a medium bodied white wine. At Bedford Cheese Shop his current favorite cheese options are Adarre, Carbicharme and Boxcarr Cottonseed and he looks forward to serving one and all.