Zumfest Tasting Kit


Blue Point Brewing + Bedford Cheese Shop are excited to announce Zumfest, a live Beer & Cheese Pairing Zoom Class.

The Live Zoom event is Friday, October 2nd at 7:00 PM. Don’t miss it! 

But if you do, we’ll save a recorded Zoom so you can participate even after the fact.

Order your tasting kits here!

Please note, Tasting Kits will be shipped via 2 day shipping.  The deadline for ordering so that you can participate/taste in LIVE  Zoom event is Wednesday, September 30th at 1:00pm.

Basic Tasting Kit includes the four cheeses that will be covered in our Beer & Cheese Pairing class:  Aged Comte, Scharfe Maxx, Moon Rabbit and Secret de Compostelle, as well as crackers.  A Basic Tasting Kit is portioned for one person.  

Cost $30 + shipping.

Mega Tasting Kit supplements the Basic Kit and includes the addition of a small Sidehill Raspberry Jam, a Charlitos Salami Picante and a small Askinosie chocolate.  A Mega Tasting Kit is portioned for one person. 

Cost $50 + shipping.

About Bedford Cheese Shop

We founded Bedford Cheese Shop in 2003 with the mission of purveying our hand selected cheeses, meats, specialty items and house-made foods to our community near and far.  Further, we endeavor to share our passion and knowledge of these foods in a way that creates a fun, memorable and possibly educational experience for our customers.  All the while, we work shoulder to shoulder with our colleagues in an environment where we value hard work, respect, integrity and laughter!

Cheesemonger Bios

Zoey Sachs

Meet Zoey Sachs, Cheesemonger and Director of Education.  Hailing from Brooklyn, Zoey has been working in the cheese industry for more than ten years.  Whether you find her behind the cheese case, or teaching “Cheese 101:  How to Become a Curd Nerd”, Zoey balances her deep knowledge and experience with her quick wit and dry humor creating a memorable experience for every customer, be they cheese novices or affeciantos!  Zoey loves offering customers the chance to explore, and expand, their flavor preferences by guiding them through tasting delicious standbys as well as unique and seasonal selections.  Her current obsession is anything from Lazy Lady Farm in Vermont.  A highlight for Zoey was competing in the elite Cheesemonger Invitational (which solidified her cheesemonger status)! Fun Fact: Zoey’s most unusual pairing suggestion - potato chips, truffle mousse and a small French chèvre, washed down with a sip of Bourbon..yes Bourbon!

Dan Robinson

Meet Dan Robinson, Cheesemonger and Cheese Buyer, hailing from across the pond - Kent, England.  Chat him up, as he loves to share stories and lesser-known facts while sampling cheese selections you never knew you wanted (and, let’s face it, everything sounds better in a charming British accent)!  Dan became fascinated with cheese as a child when visiting Calais and Ghent during family holidays.  He was captivated by how “each wheel is the embodiment of the community and the land in which it was made”.  Since he began his cheesemonger training in Portland OR, Cheddar has remained one of Dan’s true loves.  That said, Dan spends a lot of his time working with domestic and international cheesemakers to curate Bedford Cheese Shop’s exceptional cheese case.  A pairing he currently recommends is the funky delight of Tulip Tree Foglove along with Catskill Provisions Fall Honey, and a cheeky glass of Port; “it will make for a delightful treat”. Fun Fact: Dan once heard bloomy cheeses, such as brie and camembert, were historically prescribed by doctors for a range of ailments in France. Given that they are a probiotic - it doesn't seem too far fetched!

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