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Homestead (Hōm-sted) n. a space to learn, experience and gather; the private classroom and event space at Bedford Cheese Shop

Every day, we converse with our customers over the cheese case about topics such as styles of cheese, flavor profiles and pairing suggestions.  Our cheesemongers thrive on sharing their knowledge and engaging with customers - no matter whether the customer is well-versed or just learning about cheese.   In this fast-paced world, we value such “old school”, personal interactions and the opportunity to share an anecdote about a cheese or the backstory of a cheesemaker.  (And we will never turn down the chance to share a joke or two!)  We hope to preserve this increasingly rare form of purveying our cheeses and specialty goods.  Towards that end, we have found that both our cheesemongers and customers alike relish the opportunity to take these discussions of cheese to the next level, at times.  For that reason, we made the significant choice to dedicate a portion of our shop to create the Homestead, a space to learn, experience and gather.  

In the Homestead, we offer a variety of cheese classes, ranging from cheese making classes and wine and cheese class to cheese 101 and how to make a cheese course.  Customers may register for a class individually, as a couple or with a few friends.  Furthermore, the Homestead also lends itself very well to private classes and events, as a unique alternative for a celebration or team-building experience.

The Homestead is a versatile space that is beautifully appointed and comfortable.  It can easily accommodate events in a seated, classroom style as well as a standing cocktail party style.  While the space is separate and private, it also has a large glass window that overlooks the hustle and bustle of the cheese case and the entire shop.  This purview provides a unique setting for classes and events.  Finally, the private space is equipped with its own bathroom.  



We offer classes frequently and customers may register for classes online or in the Shop. 

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Typically, every month we teach the following three classes:  cheesemaking classes (including mozzarella and burrata), Cheese 101:  Become a Curd Nerd and Cheese 201:  Let’s Get Weird.  In addition, we supplement these standard classes with unique and seasonal themes.  Artisanal cheese classes we have offered in the past are:  Platter Making, Dessert Cheese Course, Wine & Cheese Pairing, Cocktail & Cheese Pairing and Chocolate & Cheese, to name a few.

We design all of our classes, regardless of the subject, to include tastings of cheese and supplemental accoutrements to keep everyone satiated.  The classes are guided by a highly skilled cheesemonger and are a balance between informative and entertaining!  We leave a portion of time at the end of each class for customers to ask questions and engage in informal discussions.  Finally, customers are provided with a discount on any purchases they may choose to make after the class.

NEW! Cheese Making 101: Mozzarella


A perfect way to spend a midsummer’s evening! In this class, you will learn the history of Italian cheese, as well as pasta filata techniques. You will also taste mozzarella and fresh Italian cheeses, antipasto, olive oil, vinegar, bread - as well as house wines. The class will conclude with the hands-on experience of making fresh mozzarella. You will take home a recipe and a bag of fresh curd to try your new skills at home!

This class is for ages 21 and up.

**We are super excited to welcome you back to the Homestead to engage in cheesy learning! We’ll be starting small with a few classes a month. Questions? Email:**

Private Classes & Events

Private Classes & Events

We love to work with customers to arrange private classes and events!  We can be flexible in the format of classes and events so that we can accommodate your needs - whether celebrating a birthday or creating a team-building opportunity.  

Classes.  You may choose one of our standard classes:  Cheesemaking, Cheese 101 or Cheese 201.  Or, we can tailor a cheese class to meet your needs - whether to cover general topics or we can also dig deep into wonky nuances!  We enjoy the creative process of collaborating with you to personalize a class.  Our private classes typically include tastings of cheese and supplemental accoutrements to keep everyone satiated.  However, we can also work with you to supplement the class or event with a more substantial offering which may include any of our amazing platters and most items on our delicious menu.    

Events.  Should you be interested in planning an event that is less focused on the educational component, we can certainly help create an evening that satisfies that craving, as well!  We can help you host a seated or standing social gathering that includes a variety of our cheeses, meats and accoutrements.  We offer a wide range of cheese platters and cheese boards.  We can also provide most items from our menu.

Industry Gatherings

Industry Gatherings

We are always looking for ways to maintain our existing relationships with other cheese makers, purveyors and mongers, as well as to develop new ones.  We feel fortunate that we have space where we can gather together with our colleagues in the industry so that we can help educate one another, organize demos or just simply get together!  We are open to ideas, so please do reach out to us if you feel inspired! 

The Homestead seats 18 people comfortably and 24 people standing.