Shipping Policy

Shipping Policy

Shipping cheese is not a walk in the park.  Because cheese is fragile and highly perishable it requires swift shipping and special attention.  For all of our shipping, we use either UPS standard overnight, 2-day, or ground.  Please read our shipping policy below, and if you have any further questions, feel free to email or call us at (718) 395-3080.  Thanks!

Processing Your Shipment

When we receive your order, we require one day to process and prepare your shipment, and it will be shipped the following business day.

Unless you are ordering non-perishable items, we require shipping your product using 2-day or standard overnight shipping.  If you choose to ship standard overnight, we send out deliveries Monday through Thursday.  If you choose to ship 2-day, we send out deliveries Monday through Wednesday.

Note: If you want to ship to multiple addresses, please complete each transaction separately. You can save your account information to avoid re-entering your billing information each time. 

Ordering Perishable Product

We are excited to share our cheeses with you, to that end when ordering perishable products through the mail, there are a couple of things to keep in mind.

If you are shipping perishable products, and you choose to ship 2-day,  we will select firmer, more aged cheeses that travel well.  If your heart is set on softer, stinkier, or blue cheeses, we require shipping standard overnight. Also, during warmer months we strongly suggest shipping all products via standard overnight.

One last note…

Please note, it is important to remember that we are not responsible for the following situations:

- Foul, rough, severe weather and/or “acts of god” (earthquakes, tsunamis, global pandemic, etc.).

- Incorrect shipping address/es supplied by purchaser.

- Unopened shipments. Our boxes are clearly labeled “Perishable,” and while product is packed securely with ice packs, any dairy product must be refrigerated upon receipt.

- No available recipient. Please make sure that someone will be able to receive the delivery in a timely manner. Providing the recipient’s phone number is always helpful.