Farmstead Cheese Platter


Our Farmstead Cheese Platter features the best cheeses that we have to offer; each platter features a unique selection of artisanal cheeses hand-picked by one of our cheesemongers. Whether you want a Farmstead Manchego, creamy brie, or a sweet crystalized gouda, we can accommodate whatever your cheesy heart desires. Each cheese is selected on the basis of seasonality, quality, and ripeness. The Platter also includes a variety of accoutrements, such as dried fruits, nuts, and olives as well as seasonal fruit. You will also receive a box of crackers. *Please note the images are of the large format platter, different sizes will vary.*

For same or next-day orders please call us 718-395-3080 directly for availability. Looking for more information? Visit our FAQ page.

LIMITED TIME | Heart Shaped "ooey gooey" soft Tomme Cheese $15

Add a sweetheart to your platters for your special someone! Meet Doe Run's answer to an Italian Robiola-style cheese: Hummingbird (pasteurized cow). This delicate, soft-ripened wheel ranges from light citrus flavors to creamy vegetal flavors. Made seasonally, this cheese is a beautiful representation of the pasture-raised milk from the Doe Run Farm (Pennsylvania)! 

LIMITED TIME | Special Add-On: Tete De Moine Florets $12+ for 1/4lb

Add these stunning cheese florets to your platters! Eight centuries ago, in the Swiss Jura Mountains, monks of Bellelay Abbey had a sense of humor. Fashioning small cylindrical ''monk's head'' cheeses, they invented a machine, called a girolle, to thinly shave away layers from the top, exposing a bald spot. The result is a beautiful flower made from Tete de Moine - a semi-hard raw cow cheese with a dense texture and a seriously intense, fruity flavor.

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