Domestic or International Cheese Platters



Bedford Cheese Shop has friends in all the “French” places!  From one of the most revered cheesemaking locations in the world, our cheesemongers will select a melange of distinctly French delights, c'est magnifique, and create your delicious party offering!  Included are a variété of accompaniments: crudités, antipasto, dried fruits and nuts, and crackers.


A bountiful and elegant array of Italian cheeses from Piedmont to Abruzzo to Tuscany and back. Our cheesemongers will take your guests on a delightful taste tour from peppery pecorino, to luscious Taleggio, then Piave Vecchio to Blu di bufala, just one of the possibilities.  For added crunch and complementary palate pleasure included are accompaniments: dried fruits and nuts, olives and crackers. Viva Italia!

United States

The US boasts one of the newest, most exciting artisanal cheese cultures in the world.  Our cheesemongers will curate your platter from producers both local and across the nation.  Cheese selections can include classic sharp cheddar to delicate soft ripened goat cheese to blues, and more;  the variety is endless (and the journey delicious). The platter includes an array of accompaniments: crudités, antipasto, dried fruits and nuts, and crackers.  As American as apple pie...

For same or next day orders please call us 718-395-3080 directly for availability.

Placing an Order

Experiencing the world through taste is at the heart of our mission.  Whichever Platter you select, consider it an invitation to explore the flavor profiles of an amazing range of cheeses, meats and accoutrements with Bedford Cheese Shop as your guide.  A few details to consider:

  • Platters require at least 48 hours notice.
  • *If an order is placed less than 48 hours in advance, it is subject to a $25 rush fee, and availability is not always guaranteed; we may not be able to make your platter at that time.
  • Please alert us to any allergies or dietary restrictions.  We are not a nut, gluten or seed-free facility.  Gluten-free crackers available upon request.

  • Due to the ever-changing nature of our cheese and charcuterie cases, should a cheese or charcuterie selection be unavailable, it may be substituted for a product of equal or higher value.
  • In addition to our website, Platter orders may be placed in Shop or over the phone.

Alteration & Cancellation Policy: 

Please note that any alterations to your order, or cancellation of items, or cancellation of the order in its entirety need to be made a minimum of 48 hours prior to your order being picked up or delivered. We order all items for your platter in advance and account for additional labor to ensure that your items are made with as much care and dedication as we can provide to create beautiful and delicious pieces for you. If you need any further help with your order please contact the shop at  718-395-3080.

- For all requests and inquiries, or questions regarding shipping, please call (718-395-3080) or email (

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