This past Sunday we were honored to have Jos of Vulto Creamery as our guest for our weekly Meet the Maker event.  The story of Vulto Creamery, a less than one-year-old operation in Walton, NY, will surely be one to inspire future generations of cheesemakers and farmers. Jos Vulto, a Dutch native and metal-worker by trade, began making cheeses in our home neighborhood (Williamsburg, Brooklyn) a few years back using the cellar beneath his studio as an aging facility. Over the years Jos has become an expert at his craft, creating beautiful washed-rind cheeses such as Ouleout and Miranda. In 2012, Jos moved his cheesemaking endeavors further north, to Walton, and began sourcing milk from local farmer Dan Finn and his herd of Holstein and Jersey cows. Today Jos’ cheeses may be found at several of Manhattan’s top restaurants in addition to a slew of local fromageries.

All of Jos' cheeses are knockouts but today we feature Miranda.  Named after Jos’ late wife, Miranda is a lovely little tomme to behold. With its peachy rind and soft folds, Miranda brings to mind the cuffed-sleeve of your favorite sweater. Washed with absinthe from Meadow of Love distillery during its 60-day aging process, the end result exudes the toasty aroma of fall leaves. Cut into a Miranda and you’ll find a salty, bitter slap of ooze with buttery, barnyardy paste. A cheese to be savored with roasty beers like Brooklyn Brewery’s Chocolate Stout, Miranda has already become a favorite amongst mongers across New York, and we’re confident she’ll become one of yours as well.



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